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Avondale, Arizona

Uti is honestly not that bad. People are always saying "its a scam", and thats because those are the people who never payed attention in class, who are always sleeping, always on their phones.

I get that some of us have some/a lot of experience with cars before going to this school, but don't go there thinking you know everything because thats when you'll learn nothing.

Some people have big heads thinking that there some master tech, but come on be realistic you don't know everything. As long as your motivated and ready to learn, and don't hang around the wrong group of people you will do fine, and actually fine a job that will make you some money.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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My Son is planning to go there,

But all the bad reviews are making me nervous:(

O Fallon, Missouri, United States #946120

I agree. I am looking into schools with my nephew and I do not think Mercedes and Porsche and Ford and GM, etc etc etc picked them by accident.

There are plenty of dummies that go to every school. There are imperfect human beings that work for every school.

I visited the Orlando campus and the Lisle, IL campus when I was traveling for business and I was blown away. I kept saying wow.