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Welcome to education for profit and a cut-throat company atmosphere. Since UTI went public all they are concerned with is money, money, money, a quality education is far down on their list of priorities.

They say different, but that is not the case. They push students through and then brag about their "student success" when in reality the majority of their students are just as bad when they graduate as when they started. This is because the instructors are evaluated, raise wise, on how many students pass their class and they have to explain why students failed. It puts the instructor in a no-win position where they are forced to push under achieving students through and make the classes so easy that anyone can pass.

Some of the instructors will high-light the test questions in their powerpoint and actually tell you what is on the test as they give the lessons. Some will even read the test to you and give you the answers before you take it. It amazes me that anyone could fail a class at UTI. The managers of the company are all a bunch of snakes, right up to the CEO and they will 100% tow the company line whether it is right or wrong.

When you speak up, you will be blown out the door. They tell their employees that they have an open door policy, but don't speak up because they will get rid of you. UTI is probably one of the most deceitful and dishonest companies out there .... Yes, it is a company, NOT a school.

Enrollments are down and their stock is in the toilet ... That should tell you something.

I wouldn't spend the outrageous money that it costs to go there when there are better options with community colleges and accredited colleges that teach the same thing. BTW, UTI is not accredited.

Product or Service Mentioned: Universal Technical Institute Program.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $40000.

Universal Technical Institute Pros: Instructors that will give it to you straight, Teachers.

Universal Technical Institute Cons: Management that lies to you, Administrative staff, Lack of discipline, Conduct standards.

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