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Cicero, Illinois

This does not apply to me, But I am currently attending UTI in Lisle IL.. I have listen to several complaints that veterans who are receiving FASFA are not getting their checks.

According to one VET. UTI will hold these checks for 4 weeks. Then they will issue it to the vet as long as there is no dept. Now UTI is allowed to do this but since their classes only run 3 weeks there is allways a dept showing in the system so they do not have to issue the check to the vet.

Well if the GI Bill is covering 100% of the tuition for the school how can UTI justify withholding those check from the vets.

Who most defiantly need that money to live and if they did not need how did they get qualified for it in the first place. I would like some help with this please.

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Plainfield, Illinois, United States #942958

They don't hold the free money given to you from the government in grants or loans you earn percentages of your loans as you pass your classes. The va also pays Uti as you pass your classes.

If you fail, or drop out that money goes back if it hasn't been earned. Does your boss pay you before you finish your pay term or do you need to earn it?

Saint George, Utah, United States #896758

im confused is the college good or bad ive heard good and bad reviews about it, should i still enroll

to tyler Naperville, Illinois, United States #910161

it depends on how much you know. if you have allot of knowledge about the auto or diesel industry then spending 30K to 45K would not be worth it.

then you need to determine what you want. If you just want auto then I suggest you go to a local community college that offers auto mechanic. And don't let those UTI recruiters tell you that they are the only school that will get you ASE certified. That is a false statement.

Any Accredited TECH school can do that just check it out and do your research before you sign anything. If you want auto and diesel I will suggest you take UTI's diesel program. WHY? you ask, because they make you take all the basic auto classes as prereqs for the diesel classes.

Example, I am currently in UNDERCAR class learning about the suspension, wheels, tires, allignments, and so on. Not one time yet have they mentioned how this class coralates to working on heavy diesel trucks. Then you need to consider this. This school is a private for profit school.

Thier classes are just 3 weeks long, All of them, so its all about getting you in and getting you out. They refer to it as accelerated learning, i refer to it as profit margin. they also have no problem in cutting your class time short to promot these additional classes you can take to learn how to work on specific cars or to promote the snap-on tools that they sell there. Wast 2 hours of class time to shoot a video to promote the school and if you did not sign off on the video release form you would be doc class time, which goes against your professionalizm grade.

Now lets talk about the classes. Like i said each class is only 3 weeks long. If it falls over a holliday then it is shortened. they skip lectures and lab time, which is NOT GARENTEED to you or they rush you through it and when you have 3 to 4 people in your lab group will make it very difficult to get your hands on the stuff you are working on.

So do you get the hands on they you are promised by the recruiter NO you don't . Course material is very much lacking in information. They say you need to take good notes while going thru each class to get all the material you need to study if you don't then you will be lost. they give you a book and then they give you a course study guide, which is an outline of chapters from a book that we don,t have.

The book they give us is hardly ever refered to except when you do the so called self study which is reading the chapters and doing the questions at the end which half the time does not even coralate to the lecture you just completed or have the next day or when you take an exam which has one or two qustions from the review question from the chapters you were told to self study thats it.  if it were not for the instructors giving out review sheet before every test this school would have a much lower grad rate than 67% which in my eyes is nothing to brag about. now the instuctors they have are all very knowlegable and most can teach so dont blame them. Their course marterial that they have to teach with is not made up by them. it is made up by a person sitting in AR.

in a cubical. These instructor are told how to teach these classes instead of the instuctors making their own classes.

So is it really worth the 30K to 46K you might spend there NO it isn't so think hard about it because if you start going here and you decide that it is not worth it then you are just out allot of money and time because these classes are not transferable to another school out side of the UTI Company. That is the only reason i am still here.

to Anonymous Tucson, Arizona, United States #922222

I feel like I would thrive in that trial by fire type classes and am going to be using the G.I. Bill so I will take all the classes...I know that leaves me vulnerable to scams but I need to get out there quickly, in your experience if someone else was paying would you STILL attend or hit the state college program?

to Grind_emup Naperville, Illinois, United States #928563

go to a community college. UTI is way to expensive for what you get in return.

Also keep in mind when using the MGIB post 911. For every $1,717 spent equals to 1 month of benefits. i.e. if a class is 2050 the is equal to a month and a half of benefits.

If you still decide to go there be sure you know what you want to do. If you are more interested in the diesel program just take that program do not do the auto and diesel.. The reason I say that is you half to take all the basic auto classes for the diesel program. In fact you take auto classes that substitute for the diesel.

They say it is the same thing and you have to apply it yourself to working on Heavy duty trucks. i.e. auto undercar. you learn about auto suspension then you have to take that and apply it to working on diesel trucks.

So basically figure it out on your own.

Don't waste your benefits. go to a local community college you will get more out of it for less.