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Portage, Michigan

In my opinion UTI has misrepresented itself in the sales pitches and reps.Good instructors are few and far between because most of them are cocky and would rather brag about how much money they supposedly made in the field and other random stuff that doesn't have anything to do with the class.

The Collegiate housing services is a scam and the cost of tuition is outrageous. UTI wants $40k in tuition not even including rent which is $450/month to share an apartment in the ghetto with 3 other students. Another thing they don't tell you until you are locked in is that you only get either a chunk of 3 or 6 weeks off and very few breaks. A positive thing about the school is that it is pretty professional, students are required to wear uniforms and sign in and out just like a real job.

Overall, would have gotten a better education going to a community college or Ferris State.As a pissed off customer I do not recommend this school!



You should try to get them to file VA forms veterans, better chance of winning lottery!

Redford, Michigan, United States #1215152

Do you know how to drop out of uti before my schooling starts


I went to UTI in Orlando through the automotive program and I have to say you are absolutely correct.They just want to get you in the school and suck any money you have out of your wallet.

They will hunt you down even if you owe them 5 dollars and bar you from entering class until you pay.

While I did learn a lot about the bare bone basics of cars and diagnosis, none of that can ever prepare you for life in the field.Oh and the snap-on tool guy there is a *** dirt bag


This is spot on.

Long Beach, California, United States #1110319

I think that UTI should lower the tuition fee because some people cant afford to pay the tuition....think about it if your work partime and attend to UTI, you would only get minimum wage, and minimum wage cannot afford to pay for bills, insurance, food, gas, elctricity, etc.

And i believe most people who graduated got help paying the tuition from their rich mommy and daddys, 40k thats bs....

at least make it affordable!PS im a f*cking highschool student that got their hopes teared down because the tuition was expensive and out of my price range

to Anonymous #1124754

Find a community college with a tech program...significantly less expensive and just as good, if not better.

Also look for a different career before you even take the plunge. Auto mechanics just sucks, too hard to make any real money. Look into carpentry, electrician, programs, or anything else really.

And before you say you like to work on cars, would you also like to live near poverty conditions the rest of your life ?Avoid that NOW..

to Steve #1132070

I agree with going to a community college would be much better bang for your buck. And yeah paying 40k to go to a school to be an auto tech is ridiculous when you're not going to make that much money. I would choose to be a diesel or hydraulics tech of you really want to make real money and be in the same general field of work.


Biggest scam, they lie to everyone.All they want is money.

Half the teachers are and were once mechanics who have all sorts of bs stories and just want to Get paid like every other teacher. I am on my 6 week leave for my son and i might not go back because they are money hungry. And think about it, there are 30 kids to a class and paying 35 to 40 thousand each and there are many many classes, electric bill is roughly 300 thousand here in exton campus, so thats like some odd million a classroom. Dont let them fool you.

The smaller the school the better.



Yeah 40k is a lot to be a mechanic....took my son there a few years ago...

the rep was an *** and could not even back up his statements... my son said he could teach himself this on the internet... he did and he built his own drift car for 10k that is now worth 20K... he opted for an electrician school in Anaheim for one third the price...

he now makes 80k a year working for a CNC computerized laser machine company... His mechanical background plus the electrician background got him the job.... the average grad from UTI makes 18k and only 25% get a job in their field.... so its certainly no DeVry...

which by the way is a fully accredited university for profit that actually pays its placement people more than its admissions reps....

and places at least 80% of its graduates in their field starting at do more research before you consider UTI...


Stay away from this school!!! All of the post that sat "you get what you put in" sounds like an instructor to me so of course they're going to post how much "THEY LOVE UTI"!!