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Glendale Heights, Illinois

My name is Chris and i attended UTI in Chicago. When i started they guaranteed all kinds of assistance in finding jobs, paying for school, and finding a place to live. When i started i had just moved out there and had talked to the administrators who had guaranteed they had a job i could start immediately and an affordable place to live. well when i got up there they handed me a binder full of papers and said good luck. half of the jobs required substantial experience or where over an hours drive from the campus. But i had still tried to apply seeing as you need someway tp support yourself but found that most of the jobs had been taken already and they were to lazy to remove them. and then when i looked into places to live they were shoddy apartments which you would need multiple roommates to live in and they bases by which you chose your roommates was based upon some vague questions like what music do you listen to and are you kind of messy or not.

This is not the worst however. These people seem purely to want to rape your wallet. Every time i tried to get financial aid help i needed a parent cosigner. This is absurd i live independently in a separate state and need a **** cosigner?! Something funny is while i attended at one point i got a note to my class saying i owed money and when i spoke to the financial aid people they said i needed more money and had to get a cosigned loan and they said they would send the paperwork to them and contact me if there were any problems. 2 months later i get a not saying i have to drop out because i owe $6,500. I had been under the impression that since i had never been contacted or received any notice that the loan had not gone through i was okay. Apparently not. The worst was how they wanted to collect. For the first few months i had no [problem paying(except being very irritated) then when i wanted to move the date to work better with my paychecks. i had to pay a processing fee and all kinds of hassles to get this done. Later after i was in a severe car accident which left me severely disabled and unable to work. They said they had no record of me trying to change my payment date so i had a lot of late fees. But when i tried to get a differal because i was unable to work so i had no income they told me there is no way hey can not receive a payment. The best they could do is give me a hardship payment which decreases my payment to $75/mo. This place is horrible they do not care about you. If you want to learn how to work on cars go to a junkyard and tear stuff apart. you will be better off.

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Hello Chris, I am extremely sorry to hear of your unsatisfactory experience while attending the Glendale Heights campus. I can assure you that we do care about our students (prospective, current, and graduates).

While we cannot guarantee employment, we do pride ourselves on helping our students from the beginning and throughout their entire career. Have you been working directly with your Graduate Employment Specialist to help aid in your job hunt? If you wouldn't mind emailing me at, I would be happy to connect you with your specialist. Also, I would like to hear more about your experience with Collegiate Housing Services and Financial Aid.

If you could include names of folks you spoke with, I will investigate in hopes to resolve any outstanding issues. Thank you, Diana Fry - Social Marketing Specialist, UTI/MMI/NTI

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^ *** i went to uti in glendale heights/lisle and they are a money hungry school. I have learned more in the field then i would of ever in the school.

I would never recommend this school to anyone.

to Anonymous #976623

Don't waste your money on this school you'll regret it for the rest of you life. Money making eating machine just selling its self to young victims