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Hemet, California

I am a student who has completed the auto program. I did make the mistake of signing up for Ford FACT.

I tried to drop the program and financial aid told me in order to drop the $8500 program it would cost me $1260. I work at a toyota dealership so ford is useless. I had to start the program and what a waste. All you do is teach yourself on a computer.

They do not tell you that you have to have a computer at home because most of your work will be done at home teaching yourself. There is another class across the lab from us and no one has yet to touch a car.

The basic programs are good but do not take an elective (MSAT) unless the manufacturer is paying for it and guarantees you employement. Other than that the elective are an extreme waste of time and money.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Scottsdale, Arizona, United States #1193405

true you do spend time on a computer but you are getting 75% of your serts after completion. What would take you 5 years takes 15 weeks.

You don't need to be good at math to see it is a good investment. Don't believe a dropout.

I completed ford fact and am working in San Diego as a master tec only after 2 years of working there. I had more knolage then tecs that have bin there for 10 years and now they work for me.


Maybe your just an ***, plenty of time to get the web base training done at school. You definitely do not teach your self either, maybe you just have trouble learning or fallowing somebody when one is speaking to you.

Also why would you take a job at Toyota knowing you already signed up for FORD training. Have your goals set before you make decisions

to Anonymous #1116294

Glad to see you didn't make this personal ***hole. I got the webs done in only two months.

I did not learn anything new in FORD FACT. I have already passed six ase test and I am a flat rate technician at toyota. I am pretty sure I have learned how to learn over the years.

I took the job at toyota because I have responsiblites and I did not have time to wait on Ford. Just like in the automotive industry ford lost to toyota once again.