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I'm 18 and am attending uti just like this post says don't listen to all the negative comments because these are the people they tell you about the people that didn't get there job or because they did something that prevented them getting the job but so far I love uti it's for the people that really love Cars yeah you only work at dealership at first but there's room for you either to move up like have plan don't just expect it to be handed to you like there's always employers looking for uti and some people say it's a waste of money how? Because you didn't get that job ha!

That's the only thing I've seen people complaining about and the thing about the drugs of course uti didn't want anyone to know like if you were the president of the school do you think u would see a decline in money and attendence if everyone knew that happened in a apartment with uti students and it's like that with other colleges as well they never want to tell but somehow people find out and I'm not a uti fan boy I first I was going to attend community college but because I was always obsessed with cars and Ik a couple of friends who went there they loved it I decided to try and I'll probably still might go to college to get my business degree so I can one day open up my own shop!

Like come on who wouldn't want to work on supra or Integra type R they have svt's not that mustangs are the best but there's plenty of opportunities here and you.csn even work on your own vehicle I can't wait for the high performance class!! Thanks guys choose wisely

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You cannot even spell or form a sentence. Not sure if you are bright enough to even notice what others describe.


I went to eaton as well

Had job weeks before I graduated

Still there now

One thing they don't tel you is the trade is downhill

Master techs fully certified are even struggling

If there struggling imagine a new fish coming in. Just my 2 cents Pay is okay But you gotta hustle and be committed if you wanna be someone For anyone who sees this Stay away from chs Bunch of rip offs You don't even get to see the room or meet the roommates until you have signed the contract and paid your deposit and first month rent. There is a fee for everything and they don't care for anybody that is struggling financially


Well bro it's 2015 now and I'm at the Exton PA school and already have a job and two dealerships in line for me idk what happened to you but that sucks for you man hope u find what your looking for


UTI is a big joke full of broken promises I graduated from the Orlando school and every dealership in south florida told me they don't hire parts replacer they need mechanics and if they wanted me to learn something they would send me to school I graduated in 09 still not a dealership one will hire UTI grads don't go to this school it's a waste of money and time go be a lube tech and let the dealership send you to school if you go to UTI be prepared to be laughed at when you go to a dealer to get a job *** UTI bunch of crooks