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Hi, we have been trying to reach you but we haven't heard a response from you via email and we don't have a phone number to contact you. We will continue to try to connect as we would like to understand more about your particular circumstance to see if there's anything we can do to assist.

I'm a aduate or about to be. When I first came to uti I was hesitant on signing up.

After filling n signing forms I was told that most of my tuition was paid for and that I owed under $5k by the time I graduate. Now that Im close to graduating I get a form saying that I now owe $22k I couldn't believe it.

Yes u can get a job that might pay ur tuition but its not guaranteed. I wish they would be more upfront with the students n parents.not to much this is at the rancho campus hands on work n lots of paperwork.

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