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Germantown, Maryland

i was discriminated against because i have a felony on my record from 13 years ago so now UTI WON'T let me have an education my name is micheal haley

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Lebanon, Pennsylvania, United States #1064568

Same thing happened to me !!!! what can we do about this?


Google "NY Times U.S. Push on Illegal Bias Against Hiring Those With Criminal Records."Funny!


Houston, Texas, United States #968681

Its not discrimination because you messed up when you were younger. They need to keep a good name for themselves and the other students that didnt mess up Who are actually trying. Maybe you shouldnt have acted that way as a kid and you would have a chance like us

to yo daddy #1032684

I also have a felony.It happened 32 years ago and I did 68 days in jail while on work release working for a Chevy dealer.I was 18 years old.I have a Transportation Worker Identification Credentials(a biometric card that required an FBI background check)I also have a Coast Captains license which was issued by the Dept of Homeland.I can also show you studies from the Dept of Justice that would show that this fellow is less likely to recommit a crime than you.It is absolutely discrimination,wrong and illegal to impose any more punishment on anyone than the punishment that they already recieved through the courts.Why would anyone feel safer knowing that there are over 600,000 people released from prison each year that are being barred from employment and housing by idiots and ***

to yo daddy #1032691

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 makes discrimination against persons with criminal records in the United States illegal. It defines two types of discrimination: disparate treatment and disparate impact.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), who has been enforcing Title VII since it came into effect in 1965, has periodically issued an 'enforcement guidance' explaining how employers could use criminal records without violating the Civil Rights Act; As of 1998, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission had interpreted the Civil Rights Act to require that, where an employment policy which discriminates against criminals will have a disparate racial impact, employers must show a business necessity before automatically disqualifying criminals.[1]

In April 2012 the EEOC published an enforcement guidance[2] requiring companies to establish procedures to show that they are not using criminal records to discriminate by race or national origin. The EEOC indicated that they were investigating "hundreds of charges related to the use of criminal history in employment".[3] EEOC endorsed removing a conviction question from the job application as a best practice in its 2012 guidance.

Some statutes[which?] prohibit hiring criminals for certain types of jobs, such as health care or education, and forbid licensing boards from distributing licenses to criminals or require the boards to consider the applicant's moral character.

Professions requiring licensing can include Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics, billiard room employees, attorneys, physicians, pharmacists, nurses, barbers, embalmers, septic tank cleaners, realtors, accountants, NASD/FINRA securities brokers (investment adviser representatives), insurance agents, contractors, Bar Owners (or restaurants owners with alcohol licenses), and sellers of alcoholic beverages. [citation needed]

to yo daddy #1032700

Do you know that it cost twice as much to attend UTI as it does Yale or Harvard?Do you know that most of these kids sign government guaranteed school loans and an extremely high percentage will default?Average auto tech salary is 35k,what do you think the entry level salary is for a kid that graduated from this scammer school and how much do you think the tools cost that he will have to pay for in addition to perform his job?

to yo daddy #1032710

If one in eight working adults have felonies,how many do you think own businesses or are members of Congress?


they tell you that when you sign with them that is one of the first things they ask you. its not that they are hating on you I can agree with both party's I would be pissed off to but look where they are coming from to so yea its not them "hating on you"

to ghost 12 Fort White, Florida, United States #954345

Well everyone has a right to education but when schools,colleges,an other types of learning facilities hide behind there so called rules they are hindering people than helping them an UTI DOESN'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO JUDGE anyone on there past because it is still discrimination.