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I am a recent hire, current instructor at UTI Exton, PA. I have learned a lot about the company after only working there for a short time.

I can tell you that what they tell and promise their employees is not true. I understand that there were no raises this past year, but yet the company has the money to build and open a new campus in NJ? The Exton Campus President, Bob Kessler, is nothing more than a "yes-man" who tells you word-for-word what the company has prompted him to say. A big liar in my book.

It is a corporate environment like no other that I have ever seen. UTI managers are obsessed with covering themselves and they will do whatever it takes to make that happen. It is a shame, because the students are the ones who ultimately suffer from the company politics that the management team cannot move beyond petty differences. Another instructor hit the nail on the head when he told me that the company is totally dysfunctional.

Like I said, it a skewed corporate environment that only exists within the walls of UTI. They say and promote one thing, yet do the complete opposite. I have never seen such a mess anywhere else. I have also learned that it is not only the Exton, PA campus that follows this detrimental corporate down spiral, but it is fluent throughout the entire company.

UTI promotes people based on who they like, not by job performance. If they promoted based on job performance, people like Rosangela Dempster and Ryan Galatti would have been blown out the door years ago, instead, people like them have done nothing but moved up, despite their inadequacies to effectively perform their jobs. Rosangela and Ryan are, by far, the worst managers and people that I have ever had to work under and the rest of the management team is not far behind them. They feel as though they know every thing and they will forcefully argue with you when you offer a differing opinion.

That is a terrible manager. UTI is an awful company to work for, their management is 100% horrible and incapable of performing their jobs effectively. They blindly tow the company line and they even do that poorly.

UTI management is not properly equipped to do their jobs and it shows, right up to their CEO, Kim McWaters. I am currently looking to leave this company and I wish I had kept looking before accepting this awful job.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Universal Technical Institute Pros: Good pay.

Universal Technical Institute Cons: Everything else doesnt make the job worth it, Administrative staff, Student services, Conduct standards, Over priced.

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