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Enrolled my son, get to the norwood ma school, they tried making get student loans saying he did not have enough Venterans benifits to cover the cost. They said he would be 12000.00 over.

Was crap he was only 3000.00 and we told them it would be paid in cash when due. VA Benefits are post 9/11 meaing i gave him mine. Move to apartment was trash want to pull him at that time but he want this more than everything. Issues started at his apartment as he was housed with 3 others but all over the age of 24.

then he got called to student services , they claimed a complaint was made about *** smell around apartment. Which changed many times to fina,ly being the oldesr room mate report a *** smell in apartment after new room mate moved in. My kid was in office was told to take a drug test or sign a paper refusing to test, he asked if he could call some one or be excused they said no. He refused to the test and was told he would be put on phase break for 3 weeks and come back.

He sign thier policy at the time of this. He came home after calling was. We contacted the school and was told he is 18 and we can do nothing and he was suspened unitl he completes a drug program by thier approved professional. he would have to pay for him lease and this program out of his pocket.

Also he was told they would help him with a job in the field while at school and was not.. he got his own and the school asked him to fill out a referral form so they get credit for getting him a job. Which he did not do. His job was at a cadallic dealer as a tech passed a drug test their 10 days before all of this.

The sutdent service put down on him paper that he failed the drug test he refused to take ?? Had a meeting with the president and all staff. Student service thug thid kid with no rights to take a test or say he has a drug problem. Get to meeting student services story changing of fly as to what happened during meeting with my kid to the point the stated he smelled like ***...

he came directly from his job to the only has time to change into uti shirt from work. He refused the test because it is drug/ alcohol and his roomate gave him some the night before and did not want to get him in trouble. To make it short the seen nothing wrong with this as the violated his civil,criminal rights, made him sign under duress, intimidared and thug him, held him or imprisoned him till he made a choice, never offered him councel. Now hebhas no intrest in the field.

President only want him in the school like nothing happened and had no idea until the meeting. But still said he had to complete drug program. They belive the are in accordance with the law because of a hand book. Which does not give them the right to take away rights of the students.

There is more to these story but i have a lawer so. Also the same day he was put out when he got home was taken to military medical facility and passed a real law abiding drug test.

Stay away from this company that pray on young kid and dont care about them or the industry they only want your money. Also their manufacturer partnships are all pulling from the norwood location which could only mean one thing.

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