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Hi, we have been trying to reach you but we haven't heard a response from you via email and we don't have a phone number to contact you. We will continue to try to connect as we would like to understand more about your particular circumstance to see if there's anything we can do to assist.
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Mr. Soliz, your comment is so scattered it doesn\'t really make any sense, I\'ll try and respond to it, yes a lot of the tools/vehicles in the classes are worn/damaged/dated and need to be replaced. On another note I would like to say since my post there has been some help from the employment services department taking care of some of my issues.

But still my main issues have yet to been dealt with even though I have told every person I have talked with about them and my major concerns.

Until those issues are resolved I still can not recommend this school to any one and still regret attending it myself.

They have asked me multiple times to remove this review since they are \"helping me\", but they really aren\'t.

So until they can fix/answer every concern I have given them this review will remain in place and be linked on my facebook as well so hopefully no one else gets scammed into this illusion of a great career after attending this school.

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So this all started 3 years ago, my then girlfriend was hit by an automobile as a pedestrian, fracturing multiple vertebrae, ribs and massive muscle and ligament damage. I was at the time working for Comcast making really good money, well good money for someone that had a high school diploma and no real college under their belt. We got engaged and married later that same year. This is where the fun starts, I got laid off from Comcast for using what was called KinCare(time off allowed for immediate family issues and/or emergencies) for my wife 4days before our wedding for a medical emergency, well since we weren't officially married I came back from our honeymoon to a week long paid suspension followed by my pink slip.

At this point we didn't really know what to do, she still couldn't work(and still can't but don't ask SSI that they will tell you she is fine and not disabled, yeah a broken back and she isn't disabled, love this country) Anyways we were thinking of ways I could either afford to get a degree or a trade skill to improve my job prospects. At this time she was receiving state disability and I was receiving my unemployment benefits. Back when I was fresh out of high school I had wanted to go to Wyotech, but couldn't afford it and my parents refused to cosign a loan. But now married neither of us with employment and no good jobs in sight, I turned back to the auto industry and we drove from Livermore to Sacramento and looked at Universal Technical Institute.

We both loved the campus and facilities, all the staff was friendly and helpful. Both being gear heads we decided we could afford to live in Sacramento off our 2 benefit checks and I would go to UTI. Then the fun started, financial aid.

First off I'm going to say I had to fill out the same paperwork for them about 10 times, because they kept losing it, these were forms with mine and my wife's social, tax info, address etc. Then come to find out my fed loans wouldn't cover everything, and no 3rd party bank wanted to give my a loan without a cosigner, I was 25 at the time and detached from everything, I had no one that could cosign. So they had me write this letter for their head financial aid manager to get approved for a "special circumstances loan". I came to find out this loan pulls a 9%+ interest rate, but I was already stuck at this point. So for the time being I went to my classes worked my *** off. Now I took the Auto program with the Smog and Toyota electives, I took the electives because I was told I'd be able to make a minimum of $12/hour no matter what Toyota dealership I went to since I would have my smog license.

So anyways the time at the school came to an end, 3.9gpa, SOC in multiple courses, Smog License and everything was looking good, until employment services got me to the Toyota dealership were my externship and employment would be. $8.50, yup minimum wage plus some change, when I brought this up with them they were "shocked". Now at this time state disability is no more for my wife since it only last a year, and since I was now working full time my edd checks stopped as well, and if you are wondering yes my unemployment checks were bigger than my now current paychecks.

The school still hasn't put my ASE certs into their system to validate my Toyota Factory training, I am now 8months after my graduation. Employment services has returned my calls once with no help at all trying to find work that I can actually live off of. We literally have enough money for food and shelter, I have to sell belongings just to pay for auto insurance. Loans are now on forbearance and deferment(yeah that special circumstance loan, won't let you forbearance for financial hardships like a Fed Loan which means in 6months I have to some how figure out how I'm going to pay for that.) We have no extras in life, no tv, no internet(except on my droid phone that I have kept so I actually have a phone I can be reached on) In fact I'm at a public library typing this because its too much to do on a *** phone. In short don't believe a *** thing that school tells you about income post graduation and employment assistance. If I could I'd get a refund but school loans just don't work that way.

Worst decision in my life, and if this post can help stop one person from making this same mistake then I'm satisfied. All you will get from this school is false promises and debt that you will probably never be able to pay off.

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If the school You want to go to Cost more than what you make a year...DON'T GO THERE!!!

You are out of your league. Find some class at night school Or some Community College You can take real quick.Then you won't feel so bad When your job starts you off at entry level(Low pay)


You Sir made bad choices long before your training in any class.Getting Married,Getting a loan or grant for school.You had money Problems and You thought Borrowing more money would make sense.Wow! That Long story was unnecessary.(Obviously looking for sympathy) Bottomline No one cares about your problems.AT ALL.UTI Is not the cause of your problems.You are! If You had taken the internship at Toyota you would be making what you want by now.That's how life works man.Wherever you go you are going to start at a low rate until your boss notice good potential.WORK Ethics."Not whiny stories Like this one".

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mike18blue ik what u r talking about i got scammed in to go to this school but i found out about the scam and got out befor it was to late but on to my story UTI is a big scam and totally bullshist school they promise things that wernt true

to 83caprice Phoenix, Arizona, United States #601375

83caprice - we live in a highly regulated industry and are held to strict rules with our advertisements and statements.I can assure you that we are not a scam and our statements are not false.

For any student (current or prospective) can view our statistics on student graduate and employment rates on our Disclosure page.

You can view the page on the Universal Technical Institute website under the "Student Services" tab.If you felt you were lied to and have specific details about your situation that you are willing to share, please feel free to contact me at and I will be more than happy to try and resolve any outstanding issues.


Flat rate.I cannot say it enough, flat rate, flat rate, flat rate.

"If the job that just rolled into the garage pays 2 hours, you can get it done faster, and still make 2 hours."If you only get paid 40 hours after working 40 hours you suck. Flag those *** hours and make some money.

That is what they trained you for.If you wanted an easy job where you don't have to work, you should have took cosmetology.


this school is a scam. training aids are trash. the "snap-on" incentive to graduate was at 1500 when i signed up at the rancho campus, now i hear it is at 600. B.S. you cant buy anything for 600 from snap-on. even with the discounted rate. the marketing system is top notch at UTI, just enough to ruin students immediate futures. going into an average debt of 30,000 and making around 10 dollars an hour upon graduation. they sell ice cubes at uti and at the end of the day, it is still water. i am a family man and i chose to change my decent paying career to the automotive industry, because it has been a life long dream of mine. MISTAKE. take 30,000 dollars out of your wallet and wipe your butt with it, you get about the same effect as if you attended UTI. This place is a joke. there is a comment above mine written by "uti personnel" that says on quote "WOW to the guy who should have never started with no money in the first place" how ignorant is that. if we have enough money to survive, do you think we would be attending an overpriced school such as this? heres another intelligent quote "If you were good at what you did that 12 dollar an hour job would go up if you knew what you were doing!! So stop blaming others for your actions. And stop depending on our Government to pay your way!!!" WOW. isnt that the point in obtaining training, to become self sufficient? to no longer have to rely on assistance. the ignorance is to no extent here at good ol' UTI. where we crush your spirit and *** on dreams. you do not even make enough money when finished to pay the loans nor support yourself or your family. dont be scammed. automotive industry is very cut-throat. if you have a family to support, better just work 2 *** jobs than to go into debt with UTI. i have noticed a high rate of people dropping out as of lately. hmmmm. are people getting hip to the scam?

please chime in with your experiences or opinions. something has to be done.

i would also like to add something positive, the instructors at UTI are awesome. they are very knowledgable, and compassionate. that is a plus, but it dont pay the bills.

to R.M. Phoenix, Arizona, United States #601380

Hello R.M. - We live in a highly regulated industry and are held to strict rules with our advertisements and statements. I can assure you that we are not a scam and our statements are not false. For any student (current or prospective) can view our statistics on student graduate and employment rates on our Disclosure page. You can view the page on the Universal Technical Institute website under the "Student Services" tab.

I cannot speak for the individual who responded below under the UTI handle and must apologize on their behalf. We do pride ourselves on assisting our students from the beginning and throughout their entire career. While we cannot guarantee employment, we do have Employment Specialists available to help assist our students and graduates in their job hunt.

If you are currently having troubles with your job and pay, I would be more than happy to connect you with your Graduate Employment Specialist to begin a search. My name is Diana Fry - I am the Social Marketing Specialist at UTI/MMI/NTI and you can reach me at or at 623.445.9579.

Thank you!

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@difry_uti You use the same copy and paste responses to all of your mislead former student's posts. If you were truly that concerned with their issue why not respond to their specific set of needs or concerns.

to Anonymous Rocklin, California, United States #674477

Hello Anonymous.Thank you for reaching out.

While my responses may show similarities from post to post, I do care about each review/comment posted and leave my contact information so anyone (who chooses to do so) is able to reach me directly so I can learn more about their concerns in attempt to rectify any wrong-doing. I welcome you to contact me if you have any specific needs or concerns, as well. I would be more than happy to help you.

You can reach me at you and have a wonderful holiday!


WOW to the guy who should have never started with no money in the first place.This is what we saw alot at UTI.

Students coming in with no money what so ever. And by the way the 9% loan is better to help you with that the one at WYO which is at 20% It is your responsiblity as a full time student to make sure before you start school is financially taken care of. UTI is not a bank!! Federal loans and alternative loans are to help with your school only.

I go to school as well and do not expect my school to be a bank for me to give me money. It is also your responsiblity to keep in touch with your Employment Department to have them give you the resources. Walk in there as well. You have to start somewhere.

There are other students and people out there who would gladly take that 12.00 hour job. If you were good at what you did that 12 dollar an hour job would go up if you knew what you were doing!!

So stop blaming others for your actions.And stop depending on our Government to pay your way!!!