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Hello, we are sorry your experience with housing and roommates was not to your satisfaction. We realize there are two sides to every story and would like to speak with you to learn more about this particular experience. Our goals are to continually improve our operations and outcomes and we value input, both positive and constructive, from people who experience our programs. We will continue to try and reach you to discuss further.
Exton, Pennsylvania
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Grandson's new roommate (4th to move in) first comment to my grandson was "can I smoke in here?", second was "do you now of any dealers in the complex"?. Grandson response and fellow roommate was no to both questions.

Next morning they found beer in the fridge and dumped it down the drain and left a note "NO TOLERANCE". Now the trouble rmmt has labeled him a trouble maker. Trouble child left note on fridge that they are not to dump his beer etc. Grandson went to housing and they met with all rmmts and decided to let it ride for now and keep an eye out for the beer and call them don't dump it!!!!

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ZERO TOLERANCE!!??? How about kicking the prblm to the curb. He just wants to party. Send him back to the Bronx.

My grandson just wants and education and shouldn't have to deal with this .

Would find his own housing if I had known this is how UTI works. What a waste of ORIENTATION (sheriff and administrator you are a joke).

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Follow thru with "problem is sent packing".

Universal Technical Institute Pros: Instructors.

Universal Technical Institute Cons: Lack of discipline.

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Zero tolerance on partying at a mechanic school ? You should have known that was a joke. Not like mechanics are known to be refined.