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Thank you for providing feedback regarding Universal Technical Institute (UTI). We are sorry your education experience was not a positive one. While it is UTI’s sincere desire to understand your frustration, our customer service representative has not been able to reach out to you directly because your contact information was not provided. As a leading provider of training for students seeking careers as professional automotive, diesel, collision repair, motorcycle and marine technicians, UTI has graduated more than 200,000 technicians during more than 50 years in business. Our reputation is built not only on the quality of our training and instructors but also the success that UTI graduates experience in their careers. If we can help with or address your concerns, please feel free to reach out to us directly.
Butler, Pennsylvania

I am a graduate of UTI Exton. Perfect attendance, student of the course 9x. I am not a slacker, in any way shape or form. I wasted 40,000$ of my family's money. 2 years ago I graduated, I had no more Practical applicable knowledge that I would have had I not attended at all.

What I do have is a head full of outdated automotive facts, 1.5 years of my youth gone and the shame of wasting money my parents could have bought me tangible things like tools that actually would have furthered my career.

Please read the reviews. Please heed them. No matter how inarticulate the students are that compose them. They all say pretty much the same thing don't they?

If you choose this school after all these warnings you have no one to blame but yourself

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Stamford, Connecticut, United States #835141

So what happened? I mean exactly?

You could not get a job? Was your area depressed and there were none in the field in the first place? Why is it exactly that you could not get a job? Were you able to fix friends cars or work at all in the field?

What was a better solution, I mean really, where could you have gone to get the knowledge you wanted in being an auto mechanic if no one would hire you as you knew nothing and had no experience and they had more mature workers available? You were not a slacker, understood, so how far away from home did you apply for a job and did you work in the auto field when you were in UTI? Why or why not? What exactly did they tell you that you feel wasn't a fact?

I am trying to assess what the training is and its value if you have no other avenues to get the information.

Could you have read the books, gone to the dump, gotten an old car and fixed it up?

Could you have moved to a city with a lot of cars and slummed around until you found someone to hire you to clean and watch for $6 - 8/hour? What would you suggest since you got educated but it was evidently not what you needed?

WIth your experience, what would you suggest as more practical, as all of the Community College courses on auto mechanics are said to be too basic and worthless to mechanic shops. Also an associates in auto mechanics supposedly does not get you anywhere either.


diffrey is cutting and pasting from a script. she's never visited a campus in her "career" at uti.

Scottsdale, Arizona, United States #818386

Hello, I am sorry to hear you have had an unsatisfactory experience with UTI. We know that UTI isn't for everyone; however, with over 30 manufacturer relationships, over 160,000 graduates over 45 years and 4 out of 5 graduates finding employment within their field of study within 1 year of graduation, we believe that UTI is one of the best training options around.

Also, UTI maintains a curriculum development department to design and modify our programs according to industry needs. Working closely with industry advisory boards, curriculum development professionals determine the skills needed by technicians in today's job market and develop curriculum that will convey that knowledge. With that being said, it is unsettling to hear of your disappointment in the curriculum and program and I would welcome for you to contact me at any time so I can hear more of your feedback.

Would you mind sending over your name, Student ID# and contact information to I would be happy to look into your experience and forward your feedback to the appropriate person(s.) Thank you!

to difry_uti #825326

UTI is a terrible school. I am so glad I dropped from that school before it was too late. But what gets me the most furious is how much they lie about how good they are

Catasauqua, Pennsylvania, United States #788914

Plus the cursing and immaturity from posts on other comments from instructors were a huge red flag.

Catasauqua, Pennsylvania, United States #788911

Your comment, along with others, regarding the Exton school were a huge help in steering my son away from UTI. Better to be out the admission fee than owe 1000s for mediocre education.

Butler, Pennsylvania, United States #787024

Wow. I do t think I could have said it better myself.

I wish I had a time machine. What a colossal mistake we made. I heard review like this before. Buy with am the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors I gave them no credibility.

. Wish I could have seen past that