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Keller, Texas
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I do agree uti doesn't teach Everything you need to know to hit the field and immediately start pumping out 60 hours a week flag, but the education is a very good starting point, as for jobs in the field: look at more than a few places, I'm currently in my last intro class at uti dfw and started at a mom and pop auto repair shop for 13 an hour flag only, i last week removed and replaced a transaxle on a car i had never touched before in 7 hours thanks to the education I'm receiving at uti, my boss has already informed me that as incentive to stay after graduation i will receive a $7 raise upon completion of my last course. For those who have said that the industry pay is barely above minimum wage should also disclose the business that made that offer, i.e.

just brakes, zippy lube, ntb. There is a reason all your instructors tell you to work at dealerships and repair/performance shops!

Reason of review: Good quality.

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