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Sacramento, California

Universal Technical Institute, 30k for a job in the automotive field? will you get the job when your done or just a bill for student loans.

So 30 k for core classes, 7 k for Ford fact, 4 k for toyota or nissan, and 5k for smog, 50 k if you take diesel auto fact and core to get a $12.00 an hour job. They offers their students insentives to sign up Lab fee and clothes paid for by admissions reps, they help students take the entrance exams(for those students that cant read and write) and they pass those students along so they can get their retake fees and federal and state funds they are told at sign up they will get $1000.00 worth of snap on tools when in reality it's only $800.00 How can you get a job with $800.00 worth of tools, especialy Snap On.

Most of the ciriculum is 8 to 10 years old or more, and the instcuctors have verry little field experience and most are recent UTI grads themselves. So do your self a favor, find an apprentiship program save your self the money and get a job at a shop and learn on the job.

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You get out of the school what you put into. I'm not defending the school because there are a lot of things that need to be reassessed by the education managers, but no one makes you go to UTI or spend your money on the school.

No where does it say you are guaranteed a job upon graduation. Holy ***, god forbid people have to put some effort into finding and not expect to be handed one. I think the underlying problem here is that society has a welfare mindset and that you shouldn't need to put time and effort into finding a job. Again, don't really agree with the way UTI is managed or run, but man up, or shut up and grow a pair of balls and take pride in your career.

You need to work for it, not wait for it to fall into your lap. Being an Army Veteran, I have no sympathy for all you lazy pathetic children.

Have some drive and self pride and stop complaining and expecting handouts. If that's the life you want to live, give up on yourself and mooch of the government and live off welfare and section 8 and go drown yourself with self pity and lazy excuses as to why you suck at life.


I attended UTI at the Rancho Campus in 2007. I graduated in 2008 during the greatest possible time for the auto industry.

(Big 3 begging the Government for bail outs). Attending the school while working was hard in itself, but to graduate and being jobless in that field wasn't very reassuring.

I won't blame UTI for this, as at the time the Auto Industry wasn't fairing too well. But when it started to pick back up, UTI was pretty much unknown or didn't even matter to any potential employer I came across. I attended a wonderful College Program that trained in Ford, that mind you, financial aid paid for, Not me.

The program had a Wise retired Ford instructor that was full of experience, not to forget the Shop it was housed in was very well equipped with modern test and repair equipment that rivaled UTI's fancy fake facade.

I am genuinely disappointed in the fact I'll have to shoulder the debt, that this "Institute" bestowed upon me with its less than "Accredited Certification".

I was amazed when I felt like you actually needed to be Accepted into this school, I.E. you had a passion for cars and had some respect for the vehicles you worked on.

Instead I was plopped into a class with maybe 2-3 others like myself, wanting to learn a trade, with the other 20+ students there talking smack on everything and everyone like a bunch of kids out of high school. Spending their parent's money to learn how to make their Honda Civic Exhaust louder and do burn outs in the "School's" parking lot.

Don't waste your time at UTI. It's the Mcdonald's Drive Thru of Auto Training Schools.

to Toyotech Monroe, North Carolina, United States #905937

I'm a junior in high school so i should just goto community college

Tomball, Texas, United States #836901

Just not worth it. I graduated in 1994 .

I couldn't get hired by anyone in Houston . Every single shop told my they do not under any circumstance hire U.T.I. Grads. I then left the U.T.I.

off of my resume . I got the first job I applied for. I now own my own shop and I don't hire U.T.I. students or grads at all.

They have no idea what they are doing.

They will not find you a job when you graduate. All equipment is out dated to say the least.

to Earl CMAT-L1 Mountain View, California, United States #925294

But u attended uti so u must not kno wat u are doing

to Earl CMAT-L1 Green River, Wyoming, United States #993626

So people think going to school guarantees they will be good at their chosen profession. Met a lot of people who had never done much more than change and air filter and little to no mechanical aptitude.

Enjoyed my education, no replacement for on the job training. But compared to the guys in off the street it gave me a head start with modern day vehicles and diagnostics of current systems.

Worked on vehicles for about 6 years before moving to my current career. Been working with 4,00 hp diesel locomotives for about 6 years now.


Uti has layoffs almost every year so it won't be around in the long run anyway

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #783901

I have hired 2 of thier graduates in the last couple of years, and I will not hire another one. They would have been better off learning on the job from scratch. I dont know what they taught them because a huge majority of it does not apply to every day working conditions and what they did learn could have been learned on the job in less than a year.


How long it's take to yu!?

Orlando, Florida, United States #723552

I am an MMi marine graduate. I already had a great job but went to school to learn more.

I am very satisfied with the course and am lookinf foward to taking the Diesel and Motorcycle course in the future. The school is top notch. But I saw many kids going there just to pass test, copy and coat tail. If your kid went to this school and learned nothing then only your kid is to blame.

If you do not apply yourself then you are just throwing money away and a lot of the kids I saw there had a lack of interest and their main priority was to hang out and have a good time. Unfortunatley the school does not control the job market but if a good school is what you are looking for this is it. You pay for what you get and its worth every penny.

But paying top dollar does not mean you can just go hang out and expect to learn. Education is a great base , but experience is also very important so dont expect to go to school and be a lead tech and make top dollar without experience.

to Dota Orlando, Florida, United States #723554

I forgot to mention that the industry partnerships at UTI/MMI allow student to work on up to date real equipment and manufacturer systems. Go take a tour of the school and then go to any other school and you will see the difference. The manufacturer specific courses are sponsored by the manufacturers.

to Dota Nogales, Arizona, United States #724830

BUNCH OF LIES, when I went the equiptment was ancient. They still had 2 stroke Detroit Diesels and made you adjust them that was 60s-70s technology.

Ive been in the industry for over 15 years and Ive never ever had any vehicle with a 2 stroke engine.

The engines we did take apart and did no adjustments were missing parts from being taken apart a million times. SAVE YOURSELF THE MONEY AND LEARN FROM GETTING A JOB AT A SHOP AS ENTRY LEVEL, YOU WILL GRADUATE THIS SCHOOL AND MAKE 2 DOLLARS MORE THAN MINIMUM WAGE

to efrainG Crouse, North Carolina, United States #888277

I currently go to the NASCAR tech campus in Mooresville and the instructors are very knowledgeable and the equipment is top notch, it may be expensive but if you apply yourself you will learn, if our goal in life is to just scrape by then yes you will not know anything relevant, but at the end of the day it is each students choice to do good or to be a screw up, not the school.

Los Angeles, California, United States #703703

this is a for profit school! meaning this school is only out to make a PROFIT and make $$$.

It's a fake school. its 6x more than a community college and 2x more than a University. another thing is credits are NOT transferable, meaning you only stay with UTI. It's a scam..

Do your research on FOR-PROFIT colleges. save your money and a year of your life! these representatives are like salesman. there job is to get you to sign applications!

sign contracts.. ounce you sign everything, nothing but empty promises after. go to a community college get a DEGREE (something that means something in life) not "certified as a technician" you can get certified at jiffy lube and get paid during. but yeah go to community college get your english class.

math, gym...

the way school is! there is no shortcut in life guys!

to A PILOT Scottsdale, Arizona, United States #715336

Hello Pilot, are you a current student or graduate of UTI? I can assure you and anyone else viewing that we are not a scam and are held to strict regulations by the U.S.

Department of Education on the information we disclose. Our disclosure information (student, graduate, and employment rates) can be found on the Universal Technical Institute website under the "Student Services" tab. We also provide a PDF of our student catalog (found under any program link) which contains information on the diplomas and certificates offered at any of our campuses as well as information on the transferability of credits to other institutions. UTI awards an Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS)degree in Automotive Technology and diplomas at its Avondale, Arizona, location.

All other campuses award diplomas. The graduation document awarded for the program in which students are enrolled is shown on the tuition addendum, which also outlines the length and cost of each program. We know that UTI isn't for everyone, however, with over 30 manufacturer relationships, over 160,000 graduates over 45 years and 4 out of 5 graduates finding employment within their field of study within 1 year of graduation, we believe that UTI is one of the best training options around. Our programs, campuses and labs replicate the experience that you’ll likely have with your first employer.

And while we cannot guarantee employment, we do pride ourselves on assisting our students and graduates from the beginning and throughout their entire career. This includes helping assist with job searches.

If anyone viewing or reading has any questions about our programs, tuition, financial aid, scholarships, housing and/or employment services...please feel free to contact me at and I will be happy to help. Thank you!

to difry_uti #726466

Your school doesn't offer anything a community college doesn't offer only a large price tag. I can't believe you are on here trying to justify your scam of a school.

As an alumni anytime I need help all I get is a run around. You got my money now on to the next.

to difry_uti #735557

i am attending uti next year, but all the reviews i read on the internet is starting to defer me. almost everything ive found so far has said negative things about the school

to chad #806164

chad, chad... you should always listen to reviews instead of your own knowledge based ideas.

based on how you love reviews I don't use toilets.

so you should *** in your hand and wipe your face. :grin make your own decisions not internet trolls like the majority especially in regards to your goals and interests

to chad Monroe, North Carolina, United States #905944

I know right

to chad Redding, California, United States #957402

Same here