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Oh my goodness. Alright.

So to confirm some of the other reviews. I know the type of people that dont like this school. Lazy, wanted an education handed to them. UTI gives you MORE information than you will need.

Don't kill yourself on not remembering ALL of it. IoLs are to give you a taste for what dealership training is going to be like. I think some of these KIDS think that they will come here andlearn to build 1000HP drag cars and fix any car like magic. You kids need to understand something.

Your training to become a TECHNICIAN.....not mechanic, not burger flipper. If you pay attention, do your work the teachers and students will respect you and mommy and daddy wont have to come get you from school. This school is pretty electrical intensive. UTI set up their program based on how DEALERSHIPS want it done.

Not how your local Bobs Auto shop is run. They teach you the correct way and you are free to go out and do it the wrong way.

I dont regret a penny of this money. You dont hear about the sucess stories because no one thinks to come to every site and rave about how UTI sucked for 2 years of their program but now I have at least 5 friends graduated and making well over 70k a year in their first or second year.

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Gimme s break!!! Fake review. Total lie.


Really, $70k in your first or second year? I smell ***.

I was a certified Audi / Lambo tech in LV for 3 years and didn't make 70k and neither did the lead Lambo tech. This school is *** and overcharges their student up the ***.

I went for a year and a half and racked up over $70k in debt. Don't tell me student are clearing $70k their first or second year out of their programs.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #930836

Yeah, I hear you. I knew a paralegal school once where a bunch of lazy fatheads showed up thinking they were gonna be "almost lawyers" after six weeks.

*** There was even a group that complained about me. Funny thing is, after they graduated and found out what the job was REALLY like, they were all coming to me for help, advice, etc.

Also, the same ones who were *** were telling me how smart I was after all. Best thing is, after the class was over I did get laid by a hot student with a nice rack.

to Jerry Nobless #1121723

Yeah this thread is for automotive technicians not *** lawyers you half twit. I should've spent my $70k on law school instead of this ridiculous excuse for an education that I could've received by apprenticing for a year or two at the dealerships.

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You can sooi tell this is fake!!!


I agree 100%. I am an alumni of MMI (Marine).

I was a 15 time student of the course winner (out of 17 courses). I did what you said and before graduation I landed a job as the only tech for a large shop that I am still top dog at.

I am known now as one of the best......Thanks in all to being trained by the best in the world. You take what you put in, its that simple.


UtI invests more in propaganda than training!

nice pictures too....