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I am currently attending the Exton, PA campus for Diesel. All I can say is that this is a giant waste of my time, money, sleep, and life.

I went into this school with the hopes of being a diesel mechanic, and getting some hands-on experience. Well, of my 15 classes (each being only 3 weeks long) about half of them had ANY actual mechanical hands-on 'labs'. In the 'lab' you will spend more time filling out specs or answering questions on your thousands of papers than doing the actual work. Plus, it isn't even learning the repair, it's all specs, measurements, and other work you will never actually do in the field.

When you're not in the lab, you're sitting in class (with awful chairs that kill your back) either blankly staring at the board with the teacher reading a powerpoint word-for-word, or dead asleep. The scheduling is also just a load of complete horse ***. You get randomly put in either AM or PM class. AM is from 6:30am-1245pm and PM class is from 1:50pm-8:05pm.

I have been in both sessions and both suck if you're trying to get any work or sleep, especially if you commute like me. I leave my house at 4:30am to get to school on time, then work until 10:00pm. I am a living zombie. If you can, I suggest commuting though because the housing company, Collegiate Housing Service, is a joke from what I've heard.

You and three other people will each pay $500-700 a month each for a 2 bedroom apartment that you all share. My last complaint is the people. Many of the students come from center city Philadelphia and there are also many from New York City. There are a lot of hood rats.

That's not to say there aren't just plain *** people from everywhere though, because there are. Probably about 70% of the students have absolutely no clue what they are doing, making the teacher slow down and the class fall behind, mind you there are only 3 weeks per class, definitely not enough to learn and retain every subject.

UTI is garbage, and a complete waste of your $30,000-50,000. I highly regret every going here.

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All I can tell you is hang in there. I graduated from UTI in 2009 in Diesel and Industrial Technology and let me tell you .

I have so many job opportunities it's not even funny. There is huge demand for diesel mechanics all over the country. Due to not a lot of people coming into the field and when new people do come into the field out of school they end up quitting because they can't handle the hard work. Also you have a lot of baby boomers retiring .

My first job out of UTI I was making 22 dollars an hour. Now as a journeyman level diesel mechanics. I work for Allied Waste and I make 32 dollars an hour plus overtime .

Last year with my regular job and doing side work I made 145,000 last year alone. Don't quit