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Getting a full tour of the Institute by Justin Durham, first off there's the biggest problem. He is nothing more than a promoter of the school.

He makes everything seem so perfect, but I beg to differ. He talks so highly about the school, and if you mention that you are considering to attend another school that's not UTI, he gets this look on his face, and actually down talks to school. And he wants you to go to the school so bad he doesn't know when to stop calling and sending emails. A little weird.

I know people who went to this school, and still don't have jobs. I know people who work with kids from UTI and kids that came from CPCC. And you'll never guess what kids do better, the CPCC kids. Obvious problem there.

I walk into the place, and I'm so impressed. It's nice, the programs they have look promising. The only problem with that is, you go through it in a matter of seconds, and then you're on to the next. You go through classes faster than you can blink.

I know the whole institute is about going through the program quickly to get you out there working, but they cram so much so fast, kind of hard to remember some stuff. Not saying it's hard, but still. And another thing is, the whole job thing. My friend was going to get placed 2 and half hours away from home.

And if he didn't take that job he most likely wouldn't have gotten another one. I just don't believe this school is all cracked up as they make it seem. It's too expensive and a little too good to be true.

I wouldn't say I don't recommend it, but then again, there's plenty of reasons why I decided not to join the school. Looks nice and promising from the inside, but once you walk out, you're screwed.

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Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #852333

So you are negatively reviewing a school that you did not attend? I guess you know better than NASCAR and Ford, eh?

I am a 2013 Grad, I had 99.5% attendance, went through the Ford FACT program and got hired at a dealership before I graduated.

Was it a dealer near where my parents live? It is more than 2 hours away. Am I happy? YES!

There is no way that UTI can control which dealers have an opening. I LOVE my job and I recommend this school to people who have goals AND want to work hard to achieve them.