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Was being stalked by another student with recorded statements of bodily harm and records of phone purse was stolen and they hid the cameras recorded evidence of who stole it.. they made me drop outta school while the stalker got to finish and get a degree...i had never missed one single day of class and was never late with good grades...

was promised not to have to pay anything back but now im in *** deep with them for thousands of dollars. Promised to help find me a job to help me through school-never happened. Promised tbey would call me back to school after the stalker graduated-never happened....even after all the evidence they still allowed him to stay in school and finish and then said i was the one who was a risk for the school???? Wtf??

They never kept their word at protecting the ones who really wanted the education.... as an older woman there should have been alot more respect and protection -it seemed as though they didnt want women in the school because they didnt want to deal with the possibilities of sexual harrassment i guess...but no matter if there is women or not there is still going to be some sort of harrassment.... i was done dirty and singled out because i was in my 40s and one of the very few female students in the rancho cucamunga,ca location.... they never wanted to help and never seemed to have time- was always an excuse...wheres the open door policy???

Wheres the counselors for students who really need to talk?? Wheres the protection when its really needed??? Its all a crock of *** for the money- once they get their money your mean nothing to them!! Add me to the lawsuit!!!!

I want them to feel the pain they have inflicted on me and my life...sleepless nights-depression from feeling like a failure-worry of not being able to make ends meet because they didnt keep their end of the deal- credit sucks because of their lies and i cant do nothing with poor credit due to their negligence...the list goes on and on...

ive been on antidepressants anxiety and panic meds...this really affected my life...this was to make my dad proud before he passed away and they caused me to fail myself and my dad and the thats a feeling that eats you up inside for life!!! Teresa Please email me

Product or Service Mentioned: Universal Technical Institute Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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