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So when I was an immature deadbeat 19 year old I told mommy I want to go to "college" to learn how to work on cars and be a mechanic and make a lot of money! She was so proud that ONE of her 3 sons was interested in furthering his education, so she was ready to sign loans like a fly thats ready to eat turds..

of course the recruiter had zero issues with taking advantage of a young and dumb 19 year old and his financially illiterate mother.... SO $30k worth of loan signing at the age of 19 and im ready to drive my beat up 1987 bmw with a broken hood latch from NH to the sunny Orlando Florida UTI location. I used a student services type of website to find a room mate transferred my employment from NH valvoline to an orlando location.. my hourly pay rate went from $11/hr in NH to $7.85/hr in Florida....

o.O I could BARELY afford anything. But i did what i had to do while I was there, Payed attention in all my classes received student of the course in multiple courses and directors list awards. I had a GPA of 3.85 upon graduation, but the whole time I was attending UTI, I realized the staff, including the instructors only gave a flying *** about ATTENDANCE and APPEARANCE. do i feel like anyone really gave a *** about what students were learning?

absolutely not other than to be a good worker be, shut up and do your job pretty much. So i graduated with my "certificate" no degree of course, now im not even a college graduate and I have #30k in debt... whatever I graduated UTI now I can go be a mechanic and make the big bucks. I got a job at an independant shop as an entry level tech.

fast forward a year later I got into a bad car accident(other drivers fault) was out of work for longer than 6 months due to recovery and I ended up losing my job. I have to say though I learned more in 1 year working in the automotive field then I ever did attending UTI. that was the end of my automotive career, because I could not find a job in the automotive industry around me due to only working for a year then having an employment gap of almost a year. I now have been working in Manufacturing for almost a decade, I am a production supervisor and my UTI "education" has not and will never do anything positive for me EVER.

I currently have 2 student loans one was oringally for 20k. So far I have paid back $21,232 on this $20k loan, and guess what the current principal balance is? yea... $19,939....

I had another $10k loan I have paid approximately $7,000 on this loan and guess what the principal balance is? yea... $13,961.. So..

this should be criminal, UTI is not a college and should not qualify for student loans. This is loan sharking.... Trust me I make more in manufacturing than I ever would have in the automotive industry and I still can't pay these student loans... Its ridiculous.

They are over priced and you absolutely positively DO NOT get your monies worth when you attend UTI... You are better off starting in a quick lube or an independant shop as a oil/tire guy and working your way up to to an actual tech by learning on the job from experienced wrenchers... I deserve a DEGREE for what's going to end up being over $100,000 when all is said and done. Unless UTI starts offering Degree programs, They should not be allowed utilize Student aid...

What these "for profit" schools are doing should be criminal.. I am now a debt slave for no reason Uti is nothing more than a money pit

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $33000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Conduct standards, Over priced.

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